2.1r2 (631)

released on November 18, 2013
  • Sorry for the delay, we had a problem generating the app, now it should be fixed.
  • Related blog post: TVShows 2.1: Mavericks Ready
  • NEW Added full support for Mavericks.
  • IMPROVED Added Hungarian, Western Frisian and updated translations, many thanks to our translators. If you want the app in Frisian, checkout the blog.
  • IMPROVED Added retina icon for the menu bar (sorry for my poor design skills).
  • FIXED Fixed crash when looking for episodes in Mavericks.
  • FIXED Fixed crash when adding shows.
  • FIXED Fixed cancelled ribbon in modern systems.

2.0 (616)

released on September 2, 2012
  • Related blog post: TVShows 2.0: Finally here
  • NEW Added full support for Mountain Lion.
  • IMPROVED New feed system, independent from external sources. So it will work even if The Pirate Bay is down.
  • IMPROVED You can see a lot more old episodes from the episode list. Maybe not since S0E01, but way more than before.
  • IMPROVED Signed with Developer ID, so now Gatekeeper should not complain about installing it.
  • IMPROVED Improve search field, giving it focus when adding a new show and supporting CMD+F. Thanks to Diego Barros.
  • IMPROVED Updated translations, many thanks to our translators.
  • FIXED Fixed crash when adding shows in Mountain Lion. Thanks to jacaru.

2.0RC2 (604)

released on February 26, 2012
  • Related blog post: 2.0 Release Candidate 2: I Hate February!
  • IMPORTANT EZTV and most of the scene (people that releases the episodes) have decided to stop creating AVI files and serve MP4 instead. TVShows will therefore follow the new standard.
  • IMPROVED If the torrent cannot be saved (for example, the chosen disk is not mounted), the app will try to download it again in the next check.
  • IMPROVED Custom RSS with several shows are now supported.
  • IMPROVED Prepared for a magnet-only The Pirate Bay.
  • IMPROVED Non-episodic shows are better supported now.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations.
  • FIXED MP4/x264 files were marked as HD.
  • FIXED Miso checkins work again.
  • FIXED The application was not opened after an automatic update, now it should open (well, not in this update, in the next one).

2.0RC (591)

released on November 17, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0 Release Candidate: Almost There!
  • NEW New support forum. It contains some articles about common pitfalls and support discussions.
  • IMPROVED New button to refresh a cover if it did not download correctly (i.e., it is blank).
  • IMPROVED New plist keys to customize when to check from additional sources if EZTV/VTV didn't release the episode and when to download the SD version if the HD version is not available (ResortToAdditionalSourcesInterval and AnyVersionInterval). By default, they are set to 12 hours and 18 hours. If you want to customize them, see our knowledge base.
  • IMPROVED Automatically set the magnets option if The Pirate Bay is unreachable.
  • IMPROVED Automatically deselect unsupported options when selecting the magnets option.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations, adding Korean.
  • FIXED Miso synchronization works again.
  • FIXED Now the "Use additional sources" is respected, so unselect it if you want to avoid rars and folders.
  • FIXED The SD/HD fallback should work now, so if the HD/SD is not released in 18 hours, the SD version will be downloaded instead.
  • FIXED Automatic check after awaking was working erratically.
  • FIXED Added support for feeds without dates.
  • FIXED Memory leak that caused too much memory consumption for TVShowsHelper.

2.0b12 (569)

released on September 26, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0b12: Magnets (Benvenuto, Italia!) and Bug Fixes
  • NEW Magnet links support (optional). This means that torrents will be downloaded even in countries that ban The Pirate Bay (Italy, Denmark, Malaysia, etc).
  • IMPROVED Add support for "feed://" URLs, because Safari developers had the awesome idea to change http for this pseudo-protocol.
  • IMPROVED Additional HD versions are not searched until two hours from the original SD release, to avoid scams.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations, adding Greek and Slovenian.
  • FIXED Crashes in Leopard when adding shows.
  • FIXED Subscriptions were not updated in the background with the new sources.
  • FIXED Miso synchronization should be faster.
  • FIXED Episodes were checked twice at the beginning if Miso was active.
  • FIXED Shows with no aired episodes can also be subscribed in HD.
  • FIXED Avoid writing files and folders with the ":" character.
  • FIXED White scrollbar in the subscriptions grid.

2.0b11 (548)

released on August 27, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0b11: BitSnoop Love
  • IMPORTANT If in Lion, please disable TVShows to update it, if you have beta 9 or lower. Turn the big green button off (or use the menubar option), otherwise the application cannot be updated..
  • NEW 19 new shows, including Jersey Shore, Army Wives and Iron Chef America.
  • IMPROVED Full support for BitSnoop feeds, that now are used by default.
  • IMPROVED Now TVShows respects the cache headers, so it is a good internet citizen.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations, adding Arabic support.
  • FIXED When first syncing with Miso, now it should not delete any subscription,

2.0b10 (537)

released on August 18, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0b10: Lion Friendly
  • IMPORTANT If in Lion, please disable TVShows to update it. Turn the big green button off (or use the menubar option), otherwise the application cannot be updated..
  • NEW Lion compatibility. Nothing really new, just some interface touches and bug fixes.
  • IMPROVED Enhanced link detection in feeds, now feeds like BitSnoop work well.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations, adding Hebrew support.
  • FIXED Strange bugs with the preset show list in Lion
  • FIXED Fixed high CPU usage when the prefpane is open.
  • FIXED Miso seemed to be enabled even when the credentials were not set.

2.0b9 (532)

released on June 27, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0b9: Sync with Miso, New Interface and Bugfixes
  • NEW Synchronization with Miso. Please enter your credentials and allow TVShowsHelper access to them twice.
    • Subscriptions can be synchronized with Miso followed shows.
    • Checkins can be generated when an episode is downloaded, and if you mark an episode as seen in the web it will not be downloaded.
    • Even if you don't plan to use Miso, it can be used for making backups, syncing between several Mac, remote adding/removal of shows, avoiding to download seen episodes, adding a upcoming show before it is aired/available in the TVShows list, etc...
    • If you want to sync with several computers, remember that you can always disable the download of new episodes without deleting it.
  • NEW Torrent URLs are consolidated between sources, so if a torrent file is corrupted in one source, another source could be used.
  • NEW Option to choose between the S01E01 format and the 1x01 format (this is only a cosmetic change for now).
  • NEW Option to sort episodes also by season (inside of the show folder).
  • IMPROVED Revamped interface for the subscriptions list. Including filter bar with search for subscriptions.
  • IMPROVED In manual downloads, if an HD episode is not available, it asks to download the SD version. This alert can be hidden and the option will be remembered.
  • IMPROVED Checker timer now takes into account the sleeping time, and when the computer is awaked, it gets reprogrammed and, if needed, it is triggered immediately.
  • IMPROVED In the Growl notification for episode downloads it shows the cover of the show.
  • IMPROVED When a torrent is downloaded, it is checked to see if it is a valid torrent file.
  • IMPROVED Anything can be downloaded, even if it doesn't have an episodic name.
  • IMPROVED Custom RSS now accepts empty feeds.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations.
  • FIXED Severe bug with PPC that forbid to discover any episode.
  • FIXED Torrents from BT-Chat were not downloaded properly.
  • FIXED When an episode was selected in the episode list, the download could not be initiated.
  • FIXED Collisions in Core Data between the prefpane and the helper may led to data loses.
  • FIXED Some translations did not appear.
  • FIXED Fixed some crashes and improved the general stability of the application, including more background tasks to alleviate the interface thread.

2.0b8 (498)

released on June 12, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0b8: New Show List, Custom RSS and Bugfixes
  • NEW Additional sources for the show list.
    • Episodes and torrents are consolidated from several sources, so if one mirror is down, the others will be available and no episode should be missed.
    • Almost 50 new preset shows are available! And new shows will be added more regularly.
    • TVShows now warns you when a show is canceled or simply has ended by putting a nice ribbon to the icon.
    • Preset show list is cleaner and it does not contain ended shows.
  • NEW Custom RSS. You can add any RSS that contains torrent links. If you select more than one RSS for a show, results will be consolidated. Filters are supported and metadata from TVDB can be retrieved.
  • NEW Allow the edition of any show (show name, sources, filters, etc).
  • NEW Option to store episodes from a show in its own folder, according to the show name.
  • NEW Subscriptions now can start from an aired episode, so every missed episode will be downloaded in that moment.
  • NEW Added Afrikaans, Basque and German (Switzerland) localizations.
  • IMPROVED Option to disable additional sources for HD torrents (i.e. Torrentz search). With this option unchecked only episodes from EZTV are downloaded. This ensures that no rar is downloaded, but a lot of shows are not available in HD.
  • IMPROVED The date of the upcoming aired episode is added to the show info window.
  • REMOVED Disable HD search for daily shows (they are not regularly released).
  • REMOVED 15 minutes is no longer an option for the check interval, 30 minutes is now the minimum and 1 hour is the default for new users.
  • FIXED The app does not freeze anymore in several scenarios.
  • FIXED Fixed severe bugs and memory leaks for PPC/Intel32 users.
  • FIXED Proper and repack versions are now not downloaded if a previous version was. In the future this should be an option.
  • FIXED Different episodes released the same day are properly downloaded.
  • FIXED The user will be warned if a torrent file could not be downloaded or found after he presses the download button.
  • FIXED The unsubscribe button is now clearer and the user is warned if he tries to delete a subscription, so now it is more difficult to delete something by mistake.
  • FIXED Fixed some crashes and improved the general stability of the application.
  • NOTE PPC users may suffer from a bug that blocks the discovery of new episodes. This should be fixed in the upcoming beta.

2.0b7 (461)

released on May 11, 2011
  • Related blog post: 2.0b7: More HD Episodes, Menubar Icon and Bugfixes
  • NEW HD is available for all shows! If the show is not available in EZTV/ShowRSS, then it is searched on Torrentz and downloaded from the most reliable source.
    • If no HD episode is found after three days, the SD version is downloaded.
    • Some precautions are taken to download the best available file with more seeds/peers. Even then, the package quality may vary, e.g, rar'ed files. In theory it could happen that the torrent is wrong and misguided, but in reality these chances are not significant.
    • Late nights are not regularly released in HD, so it is recommended to leave them in SD.
  • NEW New menubar icon (optional). Now it is easier to see if the application is running and if the episodes were checked.
  • IMPROVED Updated localizations.
  • FIXED Helper was not initiated, so new users needed a reboot. Now that is not needed anymore.
  • FIXED 32bit/PPC users could not open the configuration from the cover shows, now they should be able to open it.
  • FIXED Some localizations are not supported by Apple, this build integrates a fix for them so TVShows is properly localized.
  • FIXED Severe crash when searching for a show.
  • FIXED Now it is impossible to subscribe to a show more than once.
  • FIXED Files from old TVShows versions are deleted from the beginning.
  • FIXED Fixed some minor crashes and improved the general stability of the application.

2.0b6r2 (397)

released on April 26, 2011
  • FIXED Readded support for PPC users (Universal build).
  • NEW Added Galician (thanks to @Manuls) and Chinese (thanks to Romoochen) localization.

2.0b6 (395)

released on April 24, 2011
  • IMPROVED Improved user experience. Now it is much faster to open, to reload shows, to add a show, etc. I mean MUCH faster. And it does not hangs (never say never).
  • NEW Added new preference to download by default any new show in HD or SD (it was previously implemented, but it was discontinued for the sake of clarity; clarity is not here anymore so it is back).
  • IMPROVED Added subtle HD mark in the show covers to differentiate which shows are been downloaded in HD an which not.
  • IMPROVED Added more localizations. Only in Spanish, but now those things can be localized in other languages too in the near future.

2.0b5 (394)

released on April 22, 2011
  • NOTE Initial version.